Born in Turin on 19 March 1971


Second child in the family. Besides having an innate passion for horses, which continues to this day, from her early childhood she showed a clear talent for drawing and upon reaching adolescence she was advised by her parents, both of artistic sensibility – her mother was a painter and her father an ad photographer – to study art in secondary school.

She attended the Passoni Art School in Turin, where in 1988 she learned the engraving technique under the guidance of Giancarlo Gilli, painter and engraver.

The great artistic and teaching skills of her teacher were to have considerable importance in her training; he introduced her not only to the craft of engraving but also to the world of art in general. She graduated in Turin in 1990 and it was in the same city that she reached both professional and artistic maturity.

Immediately upon graduating she began working as an engraver, experimenting with the black manner, which she learnt on her own. The interest aroused by this technique led her to devote herself to it entirely and abandon all others until 1993.

That period was characterised by the production of engravings on zinc plates, strictly printed in black, dedicated to equine subjects (here the first “Friesian” horses and “knights” made their appearance).

In 1993 her meeting with Michelangelo Rossino, an illustrator, inspired her to take up the craft of advertising visualizer and also caused her attention to shift to other previously unexplored expressive techniques. So it was that she evolved from black and white printing to painting, embracing its essence of colour and matter.

1993 marked a turning point in her work and personal development. After her experience with Rossino she joined the BGS Advertising Agency, now BGS Leo Burnett, where she has continued to work up for thirteen years as a visualizer. The artist’s contact with the stimulating environment of advertising and the intense and frenetic character of her job had an impact on her emotional sensitivity, modified her outlook and, at first, the rate of her artistic output. Her development slowed considerably in the first two years, only to gain even greater momentum in those that followed. That is, painting became for her not only an interiority to be expressed but also a physical and cerebral necessity, which forcefully carved out for itself a space parallel to her new occupation.

In 1997 she moved to Pinerolo, a town in the province of Turin with a tranquil and relaxed atmosphere. Closer to the mountains, another great passion of hers, and to nature, it provided the ideal setting for concentrating, enabling her to better pursue her foremost interest: art. She has thus found herself living in two parallel worlds, two completely different expressive realities and life situations, in mutual contrast, which represent both a constraint and the life-giving sap of her works.

In 2004 was another significant year for her. Through her passion for psychoanalysis, cultivated from an early age, she discovered the micropsycoanalysis website, read “Life: empty involucre” written by Dr Q.Zangrilli and her interest for these topics grows up to merge with her artistic activity.

In 2006 she married Massimo and, in the same year, she left Leo Burnett to open her activity as freelance visualizer.

In 2007 her first son was born. Due to the motherhood her artistic activity and exhibitions were interrupted temporarly.

In 2010 her second son was born and she stopped the visualizer activity too. However, she not gave up the micropsychoanalysis and her interest in science in general, adding to her passions also the neuro-aesthetics.

In 2011, after four years totally devoted to her family, she slowly restarted her visualizer activity and her research in art. Because of the new family contest and the restricted available time, she works, studies and paints at the same time, and this became the spur for a new artworks production that continues until now.

Paola Musso woman illustration from "My story" ANIMATIC